A system of monitoring the indicators to control the emergencies, their threats and consequences


With the use of data storage, the company plans to create an informational geoportal for GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova) to foster the exchange of information regarding the anthropogenic and natural disasters between the State members. The resource ensures timely monitoring of the territories as well as the quality of life that is calculated on the grounds of data received from mobile laboratories with modern analytical equipment.

The Portal includes several technological solutions:

  • Geo-information technologies (GIT) that combine data from storages with geolocation data. The interface generates graphical representations based on the map layers, which allow the user to visualize the data on the map, as well as to organized data processing with respect to location of objects;
  • Technologies of secure data storage (IDs, documents, digital catalogues). These repositories will be kept on the owner’s site, and it can be accessed by the Portal according to the set parameters of the request as well as granted permissions;
  • The use of “Blockchain” within the system provides the trust level of data. Having utilized this innovative technology, it is possible to ensure the transparency of accounting of operations conducted within the system, protection against unauthorized correction of data, as well as the owners’ ability to independently control the information compliance with the rules of data filling and exchange within the System.