Synterium Platform


E-Trade Hub company is actively cooperating with the leading innovative companies to develop high-technology products. The partnership will be established with successful companies only, who have mutual fields of interest and ensure long-lasting and efficient cooperation.

Having performed a thorough analysis of potential partners and lasting negotiations, an agreement has been reached and a strategically important contract - signed with a successful marketing company Central Marketing Limited (Hong Kong).

An agreement on strategical cooperation between E-Trade Hub and Central Marketing Limited has been signed in 2017. Such partnership is aimed to develop a high-technology product – Synterium Platform.

Synterium Platform is the key instrument for simultaneous realization of all projects of Synterium Community which is able to provide the required functional. The basis for the realization of such innovative platform is the BlockChain technology which provides high security and safety.

Synterium Platform has been successfully realized; the prelaunch has taken place in November 2017 together with the start of the first project. This allows to maintain all the processes of the Platform in real-time, as well as to improve the toolkit.

A series of new projects is planned to be realized within Synterium Platform in 2018. To ensure successful realization of such plans, the functional of the Platform will keep improving and expanding.

A partnership between the two companies is developing rapidly according to the established vector of long-lasting and efficient cooperation.

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