Scarb Accounting system


The company offers the solution "Scarb VX" ™ (Polysystem LTD) as a complex of software tools that provides automation of corporate accounting and record management.

The multidiscipline nature of the system together with the automation of corporate processes is made possible owing to the implemented system of secure digital record circulation as a tool of development of automated processes. The flexibility of building of routes of documents processing with regards to their nature, requisites, external parameters, authorship, etc. allows organizing a reliable control of power and rules of operation. «SCARB VX» ™ differs from other systems with its ability to create sets of documentation requisites in the form of templates, which, in turn, ensure the documents processing according to technological plans and routes. A digital signature of an electronic document provides a reliable recognition of authorship and wholeness of the given document during the whole period of processing and storing. The procedure of archiving and safekeeping of documents is organized on the grounds of ISO 27001/2 that ensures appropriate and quality audit.

The «SCARB VX» ™ system is implemented in a three-level client-server architecture and can be operated both in the local network and in the Cloud. The server components can be installed not only on own servers but also on those leased from an Internet provider.

The basic accounting objects of "Scarb VX" ™ are clients, documents reflecting interaction with clients (contracts), and recordkeeping accounts with an unlimited number of types of bookkeeping. The list of objects of accounting and their details can be extended by modification of the data dictionary with the help of system tools.

The «SCARB VX» ™ solution has graphic tools for customization of projects, routes, regulations, rules of execution of operations, their financial, tax, and management recordkeeping, visual forms and templates for printing.