Our Products

We offer cloud, local, and combined storages, development of information processing modules, integration with Geoinformation systems to present data to the user. On client’s request, the development and adaptation of software, integration of applied solutions within IT sphere can be carried out.

Our solutions

Storage of digitized biological data

One of the solutions offered by E-Trade Hub is a distributed storage of digitized data (images) captured during scientific and medical research.

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Synterium project
Synterium Platform

The Platform is a unique and open space for innovative projects. It was created with the aim of promoting inventive products. Synterium is an informational and accounting platform that utilizes business marketing standards.

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A system of monitoring the indicators to control the emergencies, their threats and consequences.

The creation of informational geoportal for GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova) managing data exchange on anthropogenic and natural disasters

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Scarb Accounting system

The company offers the solution "Scarb VX" ™ (Polysystem LTD) as a complex of software tools that provides automation of corporate accounting and record management.

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